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Setting the Reminder Prompt

What is the Reminder Prompt?

Have you ever sent an email that mentions an attachment, and then forgot to attach the file? If so, you'll understand why the Reminder prompt can be helpful. It can be a little embarrassing to forget an attachment, but forgetting to secure a confidential email can be disastrous.

By default, the Reminder prompt is enabled, offering a safety net in the event you forget to secure your message. However, some users do not want to be prompted each time they send a message. The following describes how to disable and re-enable the reminder prompt.

Disabling the Reminder Prompt

To disable the Reminder prompt:

  • When the prompt appears, select the Please don't prompt me again checkbox. The prompt will no longer appear when you send a message.

Enabling the Reminder Prompt

To re-enable the Reminder Prompt:

  • From the Outlook main window, click .
  • Click Reminder Prompts and then select Prompt me to secure my message every time I send. The prompt will appear the next time you send a message.