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Recovering Your Secure ID

If your Secure ID is compromised in some way, customer support may instruct you to open the ID & Password Tools tab to recover it.

Note: In the event your Secure ID is removed or corrupted, the Tools and Settings will automatically prompt you for your email address and the associated Secure ID password in order to recover your Secure ID.

To recover your Secure ID:

  1. On the Outlook main menu, click tab.
  2. Click Tools and Settings. A new window opens.
  3. Click home icon.
  4. Click ID & Password Tools from the available options.
  5. Select Activate a new or existing ID.
    1. Enter your Secure ID email address.
    2. Click Next. The password prompt appears.
    3. Enter your Secure ID password.
    4. Click Next. A confirmation message appears once the recovery is complete.
    5. Click Finish.
  6. Restart Microsoft Outlook to complete the recovery.