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Who can I send email messages to?

subscribers can send encrypted messages to anyone. Your recipients do not need to be subscribers in order to receive encrypted messages.

Is there a file size limit when sending ?

The same file size limits apply to encrypted messages as they do to regular message. Please see your Acceptable Use Policy for details on size limits.

Note: When a message is encrypted (or scrambled) using , the message size could double or triple depending on the content and attachment type(s).

Why am I only prompted to enter my Secure ID password to send an encrypted message, other times I also have to assign a security question and answer for my recipients?

With you can send an encrypted message directly to other subscribers of the service, or, you can send to non-subscribers. When you send to another subscriber - you are only prompted for your Secure ID password, and the email goes directly from your PC to their inbox. When sending to a non-subscriber, you must attach a security question and answer to your message that the non-subscriber must answer correctly when they go to retrieve the secure email message.