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Confirming Your Installation

Once you've successfully installed and activated , you can validate the installation by checking either of the following:

  • Go to Start and search for folder.
  • Open Outlook. The tab appears on the Outlook main menu.
  • From Outlook, click New Email. A Secure button (Lock icon) appears on the standard toolbar.

Sending a Test Message

To validate that is installed correctly, send a test encrypted message to yourself and open it by completing the following steps:

  1. From Outlook, compose a short message with "Test" as the subject.
  2. Address the message to yourself.
  3. Note: Ensure you use the email address associated with .

  4. Click Secure.
  5. Click Send. The password prompt appears.
  6. Enter your Secure ID password.
  7. When the test message appears in your inbox, open the message. The password prompt appears.
  8. Enter your Secure ID password.
  9. Click OK. The test message is decrypted and the contents appear.