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Sending a Digitally Signed Message

Another feature of is the ability to just digitally sign a message before sending it to the recipient. When a message is digitally signed, the recipient can be positive that the message is from the sender and that it was not modified in any way.

Important: A digitally signed message is not an encrypted message (i.e., not encrypted). If you require a digitally signed and encrypted message, see sending an encrypted message for more information.

To send a signed message:

  1. Compose a new message and attach any files.
  2. Specify the recipient email address and subject of the message.
  3. Click the downward arrow below the Secure button.
  4. Select Sign - with no encryption. The Sign icon appears on the toolbar.
  5. Click Send. The password prompt appears.
  6. Enter your Secure ID password.
  7. Click OK. The message is digitally signed.